Cap'n KITH- Layout Design

With a small team at Bent Image Lab,  we developed a few animated shorts celebrating the collaboration of Captain Crunch and KITH.


Dempsters- Campfire

Character design, background design, and storyboards.

Dempsters- TROJAN

Hey, Bent let me animate this one. Imagine that! Also did character designs and background art.


Basketball Time

Justin Khoa Mai developed a fun and addicting mobile basketball game titled Basketball Time. Available now on IOS platforms. I created some of the background art and character designs.


Bent Image Lab created three beautiful stop motion spots for AT&T. I had the pleasure of doing concept designs and layout art. The puppeteers, set artists, and animators did a great job bringing everything to life.

Director: Chel White


Oatmeal Crisp Evolution of One Upmanship

Bent Image Lab let me storyboard one of the most fun projects I've worked on. This spot is beautifully rendered in a combination of 2D, stop motion and computer animation.

Director: Solomon Burbridge

Background art for Deep Sky Studios